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Our Way of Thinking

We’ve always been true to ourselves and that's never going to change. We know who we are and we know who we're not.

Our core philosophy and way of being is built around customer service and quality.

Our extensive knowledge. experience within the industry and personable approach enables us to provide exceptional customer service. Awa Designs represents a part of us, and we’re committed to consistently providing quality pieces we are genuinely proud of.

We have a real care factor and are personally invested in making sure customers leave feeling completely satisfied about their purchase whether it be for themselves or for a gift.

We aim to give MORE whenever we can.

More Accessible

And we aren’t just talking about having a physical store and offering online shopping. This is all about creating contemporary jewellery that is available to everyone. That’s why we have such an extensive and diverse range of pieces – we want everyone to be able to experience the essence of Awa Designs and have our pieces available at different price points to suit all budgets.

All our pieces are either designed and created by us, or we hand select them. When we hand select, we purchase directly from manufacturers we have a personal relationship with, which ensures we have traceability and can make our products affordable.

More Personable

You know how I mentioned we know who we are not…we’re not a franchise, or large corporate jewellery house. I am the owner, designer and creator – so ultimately the products reflect me as a person and providing high quality, meaningful pieces is what drives me.

We’re about relationships, we’re about our customers, we’re about taking the time to listen to what you’re looking for and matching a piece to what suits you best, we’re about adding a personality to the industry. While we create and sell jewellery and giftware, we’re all about the people he tangata, he tangata, he tangata.

More Fun

We want our jewellery and giftware to be fun! We don’t want to be constrained, we love thinking outside the box and pushing the boundaries. And we want your experience with us and the wearing of our jewellery to make you feel good and to make you smile.

Our pieces have been known to turn heads at times…and well if that happens, we might just smile a little more.
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